The Booties You Should Be Buying This Fall

The Booties You Should Be Buying This Fall

Am I the only one who giggles at the word “booties” in some contexts!? Probably. Oh well. I’ll embrace that I act like I’m 5 some days.

Well howdy, y’all! I have some GREAT news for you today. FALL IN TEXAS IS FINALLY HERE IN FULL FORCE! I’m talking like…I’ve worn a jacket 5 days in a row now (well at least for part of the day). It’s truly a miracle here in the Lone Star State. And since every girl’s favorite season for fashion is upon us, it’s time for me to share ALL THE BOOTIES you should be buying this fall!

The Velvet Bootie

These babies are probably the shoes I’ve gotten the most compliments on this season. I picked them up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because they were a heck of a steal and super bohemian (aka my favorite), but they go with everything! I love adding them to just a simple jeans & back top outfit for a pop of fun.

Steve Madden Grand Bootie


Vince Camuto Destilly Bootie


The White Leather Bootie

It may be the most outrageous bootie trend this season (and definitely is breaking the “no white after Labor Day rule) but I am seriously loving them. They make every winter outfit pop and I think will be a great transition piece for that weird little fashion hump from winter to spring.

Dolce Vita Ramona Bootie


Jeffrey Campbell Ace Bootie


The Beige Suede Bootie

They are definitely a staple for every wardrobe, but there are a ton of beige booties to be stocking up on this season. Personally, I am diggin’ the higher ankle trend because it makes your legs look longer and spices up any fall outfit.

Sam Edelman Corra Bootie


Marc Fisher Ileesia Ankle Boot


The Black Bootie

Black booties are an absolute NECESSITY for fall & winter work wear. Throw them on with some tights and you can make all your business skirts & dresses work despite the cold weather! (And yes, I will forever be on team “I hate slacks and you should too”.)

Seychelles ‘Dwelling’ Bootie


Hinge ‘Barris’ Block Heel Bootie


The Brown Leather Bootie

They’ve always been (and always will be) a “must have” for every girl because they go with every outfit. The Sam Edelman’s have been my go-to for years and I swear by them! I’ve gone through two pairs already because I wear them so freakin’ much. They are the perfect low heel if you walk around a ton (like me) and comes in a million colors.Β  I’ve also been eyeing BP booties below for a bit of a higher heel.

Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Bootie



BP ‘Lance’ Block Heel Bootie


If I had any more room in my shoe closet (yep, it’s a new and revolutionary addition to my life), I’d be snagging every single one of these that I don’t already own. Hopefully, this list can be the answer to your search for the perfect fall bootie! πŸ™‚


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What I Actually Bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

What I Actually Bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Sunday, friends!

As many of you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started this weekend. If you follow ANY fashion bloggers at all, your Instagram feed has probably been filled with the best buys from the sale and basically why you should buy all the things. BUT you should still keep reading because I am making no money off this post. I’m legit just trying to help a girl out. Thank me later. πŸ™‚

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