Lydia Lemoine-Lydia Lemoine-0014LYDIA LEMOINE


Hola! I’m Lydia, a sassy CPA living in Dallas with Viva Lydiva as my real life out of office reply.  This is where you will find my life outside of conference calls, emails, and excel. It’s a side hustle of creating outfits, spaces, playlists, and memories.


VIVA: My hope in starting this blog is to make people feel more alive. Let me Google translate for you: the word “viva” means “to live”. I think most of us (myself included) become so busy with life that we forget what it means to live . For me, “to live” means a lot of different things, but most greatly, for to me, to live is Christ (Philippians 1:21).

LYDIVA: My best friends and co-workers have joked about my alter ego “Lydiva” for awhile (and yes, they did take my nickname “Lyd” and combine it with the word “diva”). While it was originally to call me out on my love for finer things in life, I realized that I liked the separation of my personality between work/school identity and rest of my life. While I love my left brain (and its inclination to color-coded calendars, spreadsheets, and timeliness), my right brain has always brought me life. And while it is the half of my brain that most often gets the boot, it is the half that I believe makes me better.

And with that, Viva Lydiva was born.