A Moment Apart: My Soundtrack to 2018

Like the true weirdo that I am, I decided it would be a GREAT idea to make a video of my 10 day trip to Peru approximately 24 hours prior to getting on the plane (not like I had ever done this before, #YOLO). I begged my Dad to borrow his new GoPro, frantically ran to find a stabilizer small enough to fit in my pack (apparently a necessity based on my limited research), and then just kind of attempted to capture this country we would fall in love with and the journey we took to get there. I may have filmed on the wrong video quality, but we’re always learning, aren’t we?.

“A Moment Apart” is an album by ODESZA, and more specifically the song I fell in love with the week we booked our trip in the beginning of 2018. I didn’t really understand the story behind this, but something about it seemed…extraordinary. Like it was #allthefeels at once. It’s one of those songs you can dream to, cry to, and dance to.

So while this was supposed to be my best attempt at a travel video, it’s become a reminder of my life this year – a lot of blood, sweat, & tears that has ended in abundant joy. Seasons of my life have soundtracks (at least I’m convinced). So ODESZA, if you’re ever reading this…this album got me over a few mountains this year and then some this year (both literally & figuratively). I am so thankful you made it.

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