On Faith: Waiting, What If, and What Is

No one likes waiting, especially me. I hate waiting in lines, waiting for a package to arrive, waiting for the text to come through after seeing the little three dots go away…  You get it, I’m impatient (to say the least).

So naturally, on the week I was promised a huge opportunity…I have to wait.

I have to wait for approvals. I️ have to wait for scheduling. I have to wait to for people to call me, update me, and tell me what the heck is going on. I just sit here, waiting…and then some more waiting. Oh, and then I’ll wait again tomorrow.

Why I hate waiting so much is because it’s the time my brain begins to think in the “what if” world. What if this doesn’t work out? What if it’s bad news? What if something happens? What if I’m making the wrong decision? This “what if” list continues to build in my brain…

But God.

God is greater than these “what ifs”. Why? Because He knows. He doesn’t wonder what’s going to happen. He knows what is happening is for our good. Did you hear me? He doesn’t worry about the “what if” because “what is” happening is for our good. And that…that is where faith enters.

The more I think about it, isn’t life just one long season of waiting? We’re waiting for God to move in mighty ways. We’re waiting for Jesus to redeem His people. We’re waiting for Him to come back and make all things new. And you know what? We’re eager about those things, because we know God has promised us these things. We have faith he’s going to deliver them. Why? Because we know God is GOOD.

I wonder what waiting would look like if we remembered that in every moment we’re waiting. Would we worry? Would we live in a “what-if” world? I doubt it. I bet we would dwell on what is – that God is good…and that he does what is for our good and for His glory.

PS – For those of you who think I️’m writing this after receiving this promise – I️’m not. I️’m actually posting this after that promise was broken and the opportunity was ultimately taken away. I️t isn’t a plea for your pity, it’s a cry of my heart of what I️ truly believe about the character of God and his love for us.

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