Goals on Goals: How I’m Goal Setting for 2018

This isn’t a post about “how I’m going to get in shape” or “how I’m going to start eating healthy again”. In fact, I’m not really a believer in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe there is something powerful in a clean slate. It allows us the opportunity to reflect on the past and hit the refresh button on life (which is definitely easier said than done). So in 2018, I decided I would actual set GOALS for myself. I’m not talking resolutions, I’m talking achievable things that I can work towards throughout this year and not feel like a complete failure by day three.

Let me set the scene. I am writing this from my bed, after I told myself I would #1 – start going to bed earlier (it’s 11PM and I can’t control when my brain decides to be ~*~creative~*~), #2 – not spend the last hour of my day in front of a screen (…but I guess that book will be read at some point), and #3 – work out again starting today (I DID THAT THOUGH! HOLLA.). #GOALS.

Moral of the story, goal setting is hard. I am by no means the master. I’ve failed at plenty of goals I’ve set for myself in years past including #1 – sticking to my budget, #2 – blogging on a regular basis, and #3 – reading my bible daily. Realistically, those don’t necessarily sound like the most difficult of goals. But I still failed to achieve them in some capacity because at some point I got discouraged to keep working towards them.

If you are anything like me (if you’re not that’s fine too :)), you are your own worst critic. You look down on yourself when you fail in any capacity. And lately, I feel like an even bigger failure when I see someone else achieving goals similar to those I set out for myself, but haven’t even begun to conquer them. But what if we didn’t do that? What is instead of constantly comparing, we were conspiring to help achieve each other’s goals…

Now bare with me. It sounds crazy. It sounds like a total “dreamer” thing to say. BUT this year I have some GOALS on GOALS in 2018, and I’m gonna break down what that means.


What if we engaged with “our people” (our family, our friends, our significant others) and asked them what their goals were? For some reason, we feel we need to keep our resolutions a secret instead of just admitting “yeah, I’m not perfect”. Breaking news: NO ONE IS PERFECT. I need accountability. You do too. These goals ain’t gonna achieve themselves, and they sure as heck ain’t going to do that if I’m not held accountable!


Instead of the eye rolling or the comparison or the criticism, I want to encourage my people in both setting goals AND making them happen. We’re hard enough on ourselves most of the time which means we need some encouragement all the time. This quote says it all.

what terrifies me most is how we
foam at the mouth with envy
when others succeed
but sigh in relief
when they are failing

our struggle to
celebrate each other is
what’s proven most difficult
in being human

-Rupi Kaur, Milk & Honey


Now, the word conspire can have a negative connotation. Now I’m not talking about committing a crime, I’m talking about “acting in harmony toward a common end” (thanks Merriam-Webster!).  The last thing I wanted to be in high school was a cheerleader and that last thing I want to be in life is the halfhearted cheerleader for my people. Not only do I want to achieve my goals, but I want to help you achieve yours too. I genuinely believe there is something powerful in getting to play a small part in your people’s successes. Whether it’s editing the draft of that application, sending a reminder text to a friend to actually do that thing they said they would do, or connecting your people with someone who can help them pursue a dream – this is what I want my goals on goals to be.

In 2018, I want to stop comparing goals. I want to start conspiring with others to achieve them. So, what are your goals for 2018?


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