Lydiva’s Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

Happy Monday, people! LONG TIME, NO BLOG.

If you’re wondering why I have been MIA from the blog, here’s a few reasons: busy season, the holiday season, and busy season. From Thanksgiving until Christmas my life is a little extra crazy absolute insanity between holiday festivities (because I want to take part in all the celebrations) and trying to do all the things I need to do at work (which seems pretty endless at this point, hence the Big 4 term “busy season”). BUT YAY LIFE! The funny thing is, this post was actually per request of my co-workers because…

…if you’re anything like me (or some members of my team), you don’t have the time to spend your weekends and weeknights shopping for the adorable, affordable, and pretty much perfect gift for everyone. While I love the holiday season, I don’t love hunting through the mall just to settle for a mediocre gift but I also don’t love the feeling of spending my entire paycheck while I’m doing it. (Can I get an amen?!) So here I am to hopefully help you guys out with some great gift ideas under $50 for ALL the people in your life!

  1. Madewell Friendship Bracelets – I’m so obsessed with these that I bought them myself! If you want a simple gift for your bestie (and maybe you also want to treat yo’self), grab a pair of these adorable bracelets! My personal favorite is the “hola” and “adios” set.
  2. Capri Blue ‘Volcano’ Candle – It’s the world’s best candle (bold statement, I know), but always a crowdpleaser in the gift giving world.
  3. Marble Phone Case – This is my favorite phone case I’ve ever owned, I get compliments on it all the time, AND it’s under $10! HOLLA!
  4. Sock Club Membership – We claim that men are the hardest people to buy for, yet they are often the most practical people to shop for. If you want a creative take on a wardrobe staple, gift a 3 month membership to Sock Club for $32!
  5. Notefolio – I’m one of those weirdos that has to write everything down and I’m always looking for something pretty to write it in. This is seriously perfect gift for your favorite girlboss or super organized friend! (Mom, if you’re reading this please buy this for me. :))
  6. Artifact Uprising Photo Prints –  We all love taking great photos to post on Instagram, but hardly any of us take the time to print them out. This company has the BEST quality of prints you will ever see for the price, and you can get them printed in so many ways. Whether it’s for your world traveler of a friend or some family photos, you can let them customize their own set here.
  7. Bluetooth Headphones – Lately, I’ve been wanting something better and easier than just my standard Apple headphones. While Bose may break the bank, these are apparently awesome, affordable, and make a great gift for anyone.
  8. Carry on Cocktail Kit – There are so many things that I’m like, “man, I wish I had that”, while traveling, but will never buy them for myself. Some things of this nature include this fun little set for making a cocktail while in flight!
  9. Coffee Table Books – If you want to give the gift of home decor (because let’s be honest, it’s freaking expensive to decorate), buy all the coffee table books because they go with any style! I hate spending money on things like this for myself, but love when they are given to me. Some of my favorites include Humans of New York, The Dogist Puppies, and Ultimate Travel.
  10. Gilded Monogram Glasses – They’re the perfect whiskey glasses and they’re absolutely beautiful! This is one of my go-to gifts for newlyweds and couples because everyone loves their monogram (at least in the south) and the gold is the perfect touch for the holidays.

Happy Holiday shopping!







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