Learning to Rest

Happy Saturday, people!

I’m currently writing this post from a cute little coffee shop in Vancouver, BC. (The Nutella Latte at Smart Mouth Cafe is on point.) The weather here has been the epitome of the PNW…rainy and dreary and dreamy (not really, anyone who knows me knows I kill for sunny weather).

I’ve been off work for about week now, and still have a week to go. And while this vacation has been much more chill than I anticipated, it’s been much needed.

When I left Dallas, I felt like crap. Literally. It was one of the worst feelings in my life. I was emotionally, physically, spiritually exhausted. Despite the lull in between projects at work, I still felt like I was leaving at a bad time (to my team – thank you for making this trip possible!). I had already been sick for a week (fun fact – I had spent the weekend before I left this trip in my bed the entire time). I could go on for awhile, but long story short, I just felt like it was time to push the reset button.

I had originally envisioned this post being titled “learning your limits” because I am the girl who always passes mine. I want to do all the things all the time (#extrovertproblems … I suffer from chronic FOMO) and then run myself down over and over again. However, instead of talking about how to know when you hit that point, I’d rather talk about something I think most of us are just really freakin’ bad at…


We thrive off being busy. We love to have something to do with every second – whether that’s work, school, social outings, etc. It’s hard for us to readjust to a life where rest is a necessity & priority. I am still learning how to make rest a priority, but here’s some words for all you people who are just freakin’ tired.

Recognize when you’re exhausted.

First things first, we all need to learn to recognize when we need rest. Are you not productive at work? Are you constantly frustrated? Are you sick? Are you not sleeping well? I could go on, but these are some of the things that tell me I need to rest. Everyone has their own signs, but when you recognize them you have to do something about it.

Remember you can stop.

Stop! Stop what you’re doing – whatever it is that’s exhausting you. I think a lot of times, we feel guilty taking time off or doing nothing. We all need that. It’s how we are wired. (Seriously, read this.) You can stop what you’re doing. In fact, the Lord wants us to. After all, He who calls us to himself to give us rest.

Do something that brings you life again.

This is something that’s different for everyone. I think the classic is the introvert / extrovert example. Introverts tend to thrive off having their #alonetime (LOL what’s that?!). Extroverts (like meeeee) feel like they need to be with their people to recharge. Some people love traveling (hence my longgggg trips I love to take). Some people just need to be at home (hi, Mom). Whatever it is that brings you life, do that. Even if it’s just sleeping. I’m not one to judge. 🙂

With that being sad, I’m off to travel a little more over the next week or so. I’m about to head back to Seattle, which is a city that is pretty special to me. My youth pastor & his wife planted Reach Church a few years ago and I am getting to visit for the first time! I am beyond excited to get to see their vision in the flesh (and of course, give them a hug as well). Rest well, friends!


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