Products That Pack A Punch

If you’re a girl like me, then let’s have a chat. I used to NEVER wear makeup. Like I’m talking the I-put-on-mascara-in-10-seconds-and-walk-out-the-door type of girl. Lately, I’ve made it a goal to actually get a routine where I look somewhat “put together” in the morning. Amidst packing for one of the more (who am I kidding, probably the most) spontaneous trips in my life (more to come later!), I have realized I actually have products I swear by now! So, I figured I would give y’all the low down on some of the things that will actually make it in my suitcase (since I’m bringing a carry-on for 18 days) because these products pack a punch.

Detox Dry Bar Shampoo


I honestly never really sold out on this whole dry shampoo trend until I found this one. My hair still looked greasy (bleh) or had this weird white-ish tint (also not attractive). But, this stuff smells absolutely amazing and lets me rock my day three hair with pride (which let’s be honest, is totally at thing…sorry Mom).

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer


I’ve always had the hardest time finding a foundation that (1) looks natural and (2) also matches my skin tone. Not that I didn’t already love NARS enough, but this stuff is the real deal. It feels like you’re wearing nothing but provides the perfect amount of coverage.  I’m not skilled with that whole contouring trend, so appreciate any product I can put on with my finger.

Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow


My friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about this, but let me tell you – this stuff gives your face LIFE. You can put it on instead of your foundation or over it, but it gives you just what it says – a healthy glow. Plus it’s certified by me, one of my besties (who tried mine last weekend), and Brighton Keller (one of my favorite bloggers who I heard about this from in the first place). It is worth your money, people!

Garrett Markenson Milk Hair Treatment


Recommended by my go-to hair girl, this is the ONLY product I will ever put in my hair on a daily basis. (For real though – Lindsey Kidd at Do or Dye. If you’re in Houston, check this salon out!) It makes your hair SO soft and keeps the frizz from my wavy hair at an attainable level in Texas humidity. The pricetag hurts a little bit at first, but my bottle lasts for about 4 months!

NARS Eye Shadows

11807948Keep in mind people, I used to be a Naked pallet sellout, but NARS has recently changed my life with their eyeshadows. They last FOREVER and I actually use them (unlike half the shades on the Naked pallet). My daily look currently includes a combo of the Dual Intensity Shadows in ‘Kari’ (shown above) or ‘Rigel’ (shimmery gold) and the Matte Eyeshadow in ‘Bali’ (dark brown perfect for a killer smoky eye and can be used as eyeliner!) But if you want something super easy, check out their Velvet Shadow Sticks. This stuff is like using a crayon on your eyelids (maybe that sounds weird but trust me, okay?!) and you can just blend it with your finger! If you’re a neutral kind-of-gal, I would opt for ‘Hollywoodland’ or ‘Corfu’, but I love ‘Usbek’ and ‘Sukhothai’ for a bolder look.

Well I’m back to packing (the worst), but I am so pumped for PTO. I’ll let y’all know in my next post more about my last minute trip!


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