Why You Don’t Need to Save the World in Your Twenties

You went to college. You probably did a pretty dang good job while you were there too. You had a good GPA. You had killer extracurriculars. You got an internship or two. Then, you got a job offer. You graduated. You (*potentially*) travelled the world for a bit (because #backpacking). And then you walked into your first job and realized, “what the heck am I doing with my life?!”

The millennial struggle: I got a “great” job, but I’m not saving the world. I go to work and sit in a cubicle (or maybe even a closet) with Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks and emails and meetings…and I don’t think I’m changing anything.

Congrats! Me too. You’re in your twenties. And like a lot of us, you’re not going to save the world right now. I wish someone would have told me that sooner. Why? Here’s the story.

The dreamer in me totally bought into the lie that I wasn’t doing the right thing taking my corporate job right out of college because I felt like I could never make a difference working there. I wasn’t  “making the world a better place” or “revolutionizing society” or “changing my city” (or however else you want to put it). It made me feel lesser than, like I had missed the mark – that I hadn’t earned a spot in the working world where I could make an impact.

Then I realized…maybe a lot of people felt this way.

Don’t get me wrong – I know there have been plenty of movers and shakers of this world that did so in their twenties. But not everyone can invent / create / start something that’s going to save the world. While we hear these stories time and time again, I think that’s where we gave into the lie. We have always envisioned a life where we are saving the world at work. And when we realize we aren’t (or just aren’t doing so in the tangible way we dreamed of), we’re disappointed.

Well if I can’t save the world, then what can I do?

Work. Live. But doing these things in a way different than most. In a way that doesn’t mean that we see a tangible impact we make every day. It means in the day to day, in the mundane, in every freaking work day, we are living in a way that makes an impact in hopes that one day it will come. And while I could fumble over words to answer this question in perfect detail, I think Jennie Allen captures this so perfectly in her book, Restless.

Work was given as a gift before the fall; we weren’t made to sit around and do nothing. We were made to work in the mundane, but we aren’t defined by the mundane. Because Jesus set us apart with a deep purpose to live out as we teach or write or mother or build homes or fly planes, there is no difference between a vocation and a calling. If you’re showing God to the world in whatever job you’re doing, you’re on the right track.

On the days that we feel as though we are not saving the world, we can do this – we can show God to the world. After all, He is the one who has already saved it.

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